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‘The Bachelor’: The 1 Mistake That Might Get Alayah Benavidez Sent Home a Second Time

by Iyzklez
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“The Bachelor” season 24 is getting messy. (Maybe Chase Rice’s song “Messy” was a foreshadowing.) In a dramatic turn of events, Peter Weber decides to bring Alayah Benavidez back into The Bachelor lion’s den so she can have another shot at spending forever with him and his airplanes.

However, there’s one big mistake Benavidez made that could get her sent home for a second, and most likely final, time. Here’s Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s analysis of the fourth week of “The Bachelor.”

Alayah Benavidez is back, but for how long?

Before this episode aired, it wasn’t clear if Benavidez came back to the mansion on her own or if Weber invited her. We now know she took it upon herself to return. Benavidez wanted to set the record straight about what went down between her and Victoria Paul.

Benavidez’s return came at the worst moment possible (the producers probably knew this but thought it would make for great TV). She decided to come back during one of Weber’s group dates. Her presence caused a lot of tension. Things got even worse when Weber gave Benavidez a rose even though she didn’t attend the full date. At the end of the date, the women left early instead of sitting around and chatting like they usually do.

Victoria Paul might not have told the whole truth

As we mentioned last week, it’s possible Paul might have withheld information or exaggerated some things about Benavidez. During week four, Weber sat down with Benavidez and Paul to discuss their conflicting stories. One thing that came to light was the two women have known each other longer than Paul said. This greatly disturbs Weber, because he’s afraid of falling in love with a woman who isn’t being completely honest with him. His fear is that he will get one personality at the mansion and then another personality once the show is over. He wants to know who he’s really going home with.

The 1 mistake Alayah Benavidez made that might get her sent home again

Benavidez was thrilled to be back in the mansion. She just couldn’t contain herself. Another thing she had trouble containing was Victoria Fuller’s secrets. Earlier in the episode, Fuller revealed to Weber that she used to date Chase Rice. She said she didn’t want anyone else in the house to know about this, so she decided not to say anything. However, during the time Benavidez was away from the house, she decided to do a Google search to see what was going on with the other contestants. She told the other women everything she found out during her break. She told them about Rice and that she knew who went on one-on-one dates with Weber.

News circulates quickly around the mansion, and Weber eventually found out the others were aware Fuller used to date Rice. This didn’t sit well with him. It became clear Benavidez isn’t who he thought she was. If you’re wondering what the big deal is, we’ll fill you in. The problem is that contestants on “The Bachelor” shows are not allowed to use the internet, talk on the phone, or watch TV during their time on the show. When Benavidez told the women what she found on Google, it caused quite a stir.

Our prediction is that Benavidez will be sent packing a second time. We’re interested to see how this unfolds.

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