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Sommer Ray Flaunts Braless Leather Top, Chows Down $112,000 Crab Dinner!

by Iyzklez
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Sommer Ray was dressed to impress on her way to dinner with Jason Derulo, but more shocking than how hot she looked, is how much the most expensive dinner we have ever seen cost! You aren’t going to believe this!

The 24-year-old model and influencer started the night out by showing off her stunning new blonde locks, telling her millions of followers she just got her hair done. But, what she didn’t mention was that she was about to go eat a crab dinner that is worth more than most of our houses!

You Have To See This To Believe It!

In the sexy snap, Sommer is shooting a mirror selfie where she is sporting a mind-blowing leather top and a pair of skin-tight snakeskin pants! At one point, SR turns around and shows us the backside of this outfit, and let’s just say it leaves little up to the imagination!

“Got my huuuuur done,” Sommer captioned the sexy video. “LOVEEEEEEEEE IT🔥🔥 lil blonde thing,” one fan immediately posted.’

As we reported, Sommer made the entire internet blush this week after she asked the all-important question, “What’s your favorite position?!”

Check This Out!

‘What’s Your Favorite Position?’

It should be noted, Sommer Ray is one of the biggest influencers online and owns a very successful fitness and fashion brand. Now, how much money does she make?! Well, celebrities with 25 Million followers or higher, are reportedly pulling in hundreds of thousands per post to promote products. It’s safe to assume SR has hit millionaire status, but just wait until you see the MASSIVE dinner bill the model and her crew racked up overnight!

If you watch this mindblowing Instagram story, Sommer pans the camera to her uber-famous dinner dates — Jason Derulo and his girlfriend — along with several other guests. Plus, the camera pans the giant length of the bill which ends with a grand total of $112,742.30. Damn!

‘Thanks For Dinner,’ Sommer says to Derulo.

Yes, he reacts exactly as you would expect! It’s unclear what was so expensive it racked up the bill that high, but it appears the crew had a load of cocktails too! Those crab legs better come with a side of Rolexes!!

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