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Pamela Anderson Confesses She Misses Her Sons In Seductive Snap

by Iyzklez
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Pamela Anderson has had enough solitude during the uncertain times of 2020 and is ready to reconnect with some of her family members, especially her two sons. The former “Baywatch” star took to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon as she relaxed at home and thought about those most important in her life. Anderson has always been close with her two boys, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee, with her ex-husband Tommy Lee, but they’re adults now and have moved on to living in their own homes.

The 53-year-old star shared a provocative photo with her over one million followers while lamenting about missing her sons.

“I miss my beautiful boys,” Anderson wrote.

She added, “though we’re always together on some plane of existence. It’s not enough … I need to squeeze you, and kiss your faces.”

The actress is trying to stay tough amid the sadness, and admits she’s, “Mostly staying positive – but, today momma is 💔. One of those days. I love you.”

Anderson also made sure to tag both of her sons in the emotional post.

Pam Anderson always has her son’s backs, and they always have hers as the family loyalty was brought into the headlines a couple of years back when “The Hills: New Beginnings” star Brandon Lee got into a fistfight with his father after Tommy Lee allegedly badmouthed his son’s mother.

In 2018, Brandon made headlines after knocking out Tommy Lee … on Father’s Day. It all started after the Mötley Crüe drummer was critiquing how his children were parented, which highly offended his son. The two have since made up, but Anderson later made it clear she appreciated the act of support.

Pamela Anderson has been opening up lately while posting on social media. One of her most recent viral Instagram posts showed the star squatting down in a stunning nightie, that she accessorized with matching high-heels and undies. While leaning against a doorway, the former “Baywatch” star was oozing sex appeal. However, there was something more interesting to reveal — her special powers.

“I am an empath and I have a sensitive soul (maybe from another star system) that needs to grow, and be nourished like plants need water,” Anderson began her message to fans.

“I am continuously being pushed to new levels which involves being disappointed and challenged by other humans. This is a sign that I am uniquely sincere – and that’s kind of rare in a modern person.”

“My heart is here to heal those around me, but there is a limit. Because I am different -I need special care,” Anderson wrote.

She added, “That is what this difficult passage is amplifying — My needs.”

Although the actress limited comments on her Instagram post, to avoid harsh criticism, she did receive over 40,000 likes from her loving fans.

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